Summoning up the apathy

Is it the time of the month? It could be. But that usual bounce at the end of a holiday with new ideas and new energy for exciting things is not there. I think of that box of 2000 postcards – now less 50 – and groan. What did I say I would do with them all? The thought of accosting 800 people for postcards makes me want to hide under the duvet and sleep for a thousand years.

I know that energy and enthusiasm go in cycles, menstrual cycles as often as not, but it is still depressing when it happens!

Still tomorrow is another day and latest steps forward are:
Visited head of midwifery at local trust, told her about the postcards – she wanted to see some so dropped off 20, this maybe just the start. Told her about the Rikki Lake documentary: the Business of Being Born and wondered if we could have a showing in the Lecture Theatre there. It would be another way of stimulating a discussion about what kind of maternity services we want – ‘not a bad idea’ was the response. So plans are afoot to bring the film into the heart of West Yorkshire – watch this space. I notice that Denis Walsh is going to the showing in blackburn – so it is a quaestion of what we do for ours?

And that is the best enthsuiasm I can muster – until tomorrw perhaps – but not bad eh?

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