Because it is not an ideal world . . . .

This week I have had a lot of ‘in an ideal world . . ‘ comments from people talking about midwifery staffing and one to one care.

And I want to say I am fed up of it, I want it to stop and it needs to challenged!

To say that in ideal world we want gold standard one to one midwifery care, is to consign that notion to impossibility.  One to one care IS happening on the NHS now in Liverpool (the Wirral) and elsewhere.  Small puddles in the desert they may be but nevertheless demonstrations of the concept of real world gold standard care.

Yesterday I was at a meeting about where things went badly wrong in maternity service, and the report states that staffing had been an issue on the night and it was clear there was big lack of continuity of care – but it was deemed unchangeable – in comparison to changing the policy to ensure many more women will have a medical birth to ‘save’ this happening again.

In an ideal world was the medical directors comment, and I said “No, its not about an ideal world its about saving women’s lives’

Sisters brothers, comrades in arms, one to one midwifery care, gold standard continuity of carer that provides dignity and time and respect to every woman, saves women’s health, sanity, and their lives.  This kind of midwifery ensures baby gets mothers milk and fathers get support and guidance, this kind of support is called social care and it makes a big difference to families and communities.  And its not for an ideal world because in an ideal world we would not need it – gold standard midwifery care is for the real world because we need it to meet the challenges of healthy birthing and parenting.

Our mantra should be ‘Its not an ideal world  – that’s why we need gold standard one to one midwifery care!