The roller coaster

There I was doing my bit and wondering whether it was going anywhere and then – whoosh!, swept off my feet and carried along by a tide of things. Can’t tell you them all because I don’t keep a diary and I would need to post every day.

Last Tuesday it was the Choices group – an information and support for parents having babies who are looking for natural options for birth. Midwives come along too and one took away 20 postcards for her surgery – I had already got the GP at her practice to sign a card.

Wednesday I was on Radio Leeds – fluffed promotion of the campign here because was having a hilarious time – and that is the point really of the show and you get to fly your flag in return for making a fool of yourself – which i am pretty good at. But did talk alot about normal birth, being in control, birthstory of no. 5 and placenta curry . . . .does anyone have any recipes? And we got asked back and booked in for September so good work there.

Thursday it was Cash for Trash on TV where I took leave of my senses and de-cluttered my home on camera for charity and a family holiday – and to promote AIMS. Wish the postcard campaign had been going but there again they did not like controversial – we had to clothe it appropriately to make it palatable. Can see it still on BBC website iplayer – well at least until Thursday.
Thursday, wondered whether I had really pushed it too far in my candid reflection on the discusssion of the women who had attended the Choices meeting – to the head of midwifery. But women do need professionals to take account of and actually fully respect our perspectives because after all we live with the consequences of what happens like no one else does. Anyway her reply today showed her to be the big person she is and maybe there is a way to take things forward.
Friday went to the AIMS national committee and handed over most of the Cashfor Trash money and found myslef volunteering to do stuff – ahgg! where is the time? I need a couple of lifetimes to do what I want to do.

I spent the weekend falling asleep all over the place utterly exhausted but managed to drag myslef to a friends welcome to the the world party for babe. it was worth it – she took 50 postcards off me and told me that her hubby had met the PCT commissioner and told her in no uncertain terms why they had opted to pay for midwi
fery care rather than use the local nhs for babe no. 4.

and now the week begins again.

Years ago I remember a colleague telling me that you can only see about 10% of what needs to be done and the possiblities there, and of that you can only humanly manage 2%. As I strain to do yet more for the cause I am so passionate about I have to keep reminding myself of those words and chill a bit. My faith would ask me to call on the communion of saints – we are part of a team – they would say. Hmmm something to reflect on . . .

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